Bits, Bytes, & Bots Computer Adventures® curriculum is FUNdamental Technology Education™

Our curriculum helps you create fun, exciting classes where kids ages 8-14 can get comfortable with technology, learn non-linear problem solving skills, and develop a passion to continue exploring technology throughout their lives. As a licensee, you have access to curriculum that teaches students how to build and program LEGO® Mindstorms® robots, program computer games for tablets and phones, program MineCraft™, and produce stop-motion animated movies.

Our unique curriculum creates enthusiastic customers who crave more of what we offer. Parents love to see their children laughing and learning, and children are excited to play the video games they create with their friends or show off the movies they made in class. Regardless of what class they take, children gain confidence and important skills while having a GREAT time.

We’ve been designing and teaching computer education programs since 2002. Our classes receive positive feedback from students, parents and teachers and help prepare young students for their technological future.

License Information

Our curriculum license includes:

• An exclusive territory;

• Step-by-step instructions with screen shots;

• Flexibility in how to incorporate our curriculum into your business;

• An inexpensive 2 year license with no royalty payments and a low renewal fee ($5,000-$14,000 license fee & $1,900-$3,900 renewal fee)

• Optional onsite training.

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